Paving Ways: Art and Psychology in the Philippines and in the World


“What words can’t say, art surely will.” –Anonymous

On the many psychotherapeutic techniques given to people who have clinical disturbances, Art therapy needs more exploration and dissemination among Psychologists, Guidance Counselors, and various Psychology practitioners in the Philippines. Jojet Lamberto Reglos Mondares, a Filipino Artist (the owner of the artwork above) and a Psychologist devised an artistic therapeutic psychosocial intervention to help children in the Province of Benguet in coping with the aftermath of Typhoon Pepeng in the year 2009.

Mondares had garnered through the years, a rich experience in psychotherapy. He was meticulously trained to be a psychotherapist by the Sunflower Children’s Center in Baguio City as it was sponsored by UNICEF under the supervision of Rev. Fr. Geraldo Costa. Mondares had presented his researches on National Conferences in Psychology in the Philippines.

Jojet Lamberto R. Mondares was chosen as the only Filipino delegate to attend the upcoming 2016 International Conference on Art Therapy—A World of Healing Arts Without Strangers. The event will focus on the growing urgency of the need for assistance by children and adolescents with special educational needs, including people who have experienced trauma. Pioneering Art Therapists with different cultural backgrounds all around the world will gather together in delivering workshops and presenting researches on their use of Art Therapy. The International Conference will be co-hosted by the Australian Creative Arts Therapies Association (web site and the Hong Kong Institute for Counselling Professionals and Art Therapy Without Borders (web site on 27-29 of May 2016 which will be held at the Hong Kong Institute for Counseling Professionals.

Mondares is going to present his case study entitled, “Healing Journey Through Art: A Case of a Pediophobic Young Adult” which is focused on how he treated a young man with pediophobia (a fear of dolls) by using art as his main medium of intervention which was packed with a psychological treatment plan. This is one of the great leaps of Psychology in the Philippines.

Filipinos are known of their resilient attitude during calamities. However, this view somewhat has trivialized the psychological effects of extreme calamities like earth quakes, typhoons, storm surges, volcanic eruptions, and even crimes that may have blown away the minds of survivors for some time.

People in the said country may try to lighten up heavy experiences by using their words, and thus, making them quite unaware or straightforwardly in denial of what challenges that these life phenomena may bring the adults and also the younger ones. In this regard, Psychology practitioners are challenged on how to make Filipinos more aware of the fact that they need not let their feelings pass without processing their experiences. The Psychology community in the Philippines has been trying to pave ways through spreading awareness for psychological well-being. Art Therapy is a promising technique that would very much help mental health professionals combat denying words by using a much more colourfully subtle and enjoyable medium which is art.

In the recent workshop entitled, “Art Therapy: Healing Journey Through Art” on April 30, 2016 which was spearheaded by Jojet Lamberto Mondares, the Psychologist had an eight-hour talk for him to share his techniques among Psychology practitioners in Baguio City. He was said encompassed such congruence with how the Artist loves making artworks, and making his passion’s therapeutic and entrancing power be shared among his clients and participnts. He, indeed made his audience feel his words on how amazingly, he found a combination between his Artistic and Psychological prowess healing psychic wounds. Mr. Mondares is indeed a catalyst through art, and a healer of the psyche.

This is inspiring professionals in the Philippines to continue on finding new ideas and making ways to better the original ones. Mr. Mondares works for Art Gallery and Psychological Services (ArtPsych) which is located at BBCCC Bldg. Baguio City, Philippines for inquiries and information, please contact (+63) 915 522 4122.





5 thoughts on “Paving Ways: Art and Psychology in the Philippines and in the World

  1. Sir Jojet, thank you for inspiring us, young practitioners, in the professional practice of psychology.
    Mabuhay ang art psychology at art therapy!


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